Hello. Soma Entertainment is changing and expanding in 2020.

Soma Entertainment (est. 1999) was an Australian based film production company seeking distribution guarantees and international sales and interest in co- production partnerships. Now we are doing artist management, music production and song writing.

Problem, Reaction, Solution...you dig?

We will still seek to create unexpected, thrilling, thought provoking stories, for cinema, online and television, however we will now add music production, distribution and all present and future online formats with potential international returns for producers and their clients.

Soma Entertainment can offer international co-producers decades of experience through our collaborative partnerships. From concept to completion, we can provide a wide range of services, above and below the line, to produce high quality projects for the screen, on time and on budget.

We are willing to be different, diverse, confronting, controversial, yet always entertaining. We don't claim to teach old dogs new tricks however, once you bathe and luxuriate in our matrix imagination. We may just get rid of those unwanted fleas and leave your coat shinning.